2015. január 16., péntek

Pöttömnyi dallamok

Don’t worry..to be happy.
Don’t worry… to be fine.
and Don’t worry to define...
Stay int the middle…  middle of the night.
Stay int the middle..there is no side.
Stay in the middle…give up the fight.

The fight that you love
This race that you love
Seeking…bounding…clinging….chaos making.
Fight will live you if you don’t leave the fight behind.


Everybody's dancing now
The seed has planted.
Now just watcing the flower grow up and 
down.. in tha dark side you need the mud.
 You need something to put your feet on, so stand up!
Look up!
You already have everything, everything.
As the seed from which the flower arraises..
So.. Happiness is the way not the aim but the way -and there is no way nor an escape,
Happiness is the way 
Happiness is the way but if you like a way anyway
then let's say:
Happiness is the way.

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