2015. október 19., hétfő

Freaky people

Hova is nézek, mit látok, megpihenve válladon,
kicsi gépek zúgnak - itt vagyok, figyelek, Figyelek.
Freaky all freaky
Freaky leakin' thoughts but oh...oh..oh
So lucky born..
from eightmillion-fourhundred-thousands of species
born as a human.
Hmmm miracle, unique and at the same time, nothing so special.

Million colors over our body but beacuse we don't see well..
then just love, love, love yourself.
Hmm it's curing, both are me, endless bipolarity
Regarding the dark, the silence,
feelin the power of essence,
oh nice trees and birds thank you for the words.
So hear we go -two legs -two arms -stand the brain- too hard-too far we came from home.
But Wherever i look it's family, look all the stars, fire, wind and gravity.
And so I'm making it up... good and bad and the color of my blod.
I look like this cause you believe in it, Oh you are not what i thought and it's okay! It's okay, it's okay. It's all coming from inside
if u cant find, look where u never would highlight
if u don't mind....i hope u don't mind to
skip the context and go for a connect oooh cause i can't go for easy.
Freaky people all we are
we dont live what we are
All in you
Align me.
All in me
Align you.

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